Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Non flowing conversation.

Sam: Mom, bad news. I broke my backpack zipper.
Me: Huh. We'll just look downstairs for another one.
Sam: Mom, guess what. I'm lucky. I only have 2 homework papers.
Me: Great! You'll fly right through them.
Sam: Mom, guess what!?! (this one was said with a brilliant smile). I just counted to 210 while going to bathroom. By 5's!
Me: Wow! Great job!
Sam: Mom? Can I have a W.H.O.L.E. cupcake for dessert tonight?
Me: sure.
Sam: For snack can I have peanut butter on strawberry frosted mini wheats?
Me: Ummm....if you want to?
Sam: Will I die? If I mix them, will they make poison?
Me: No.
Sam: Do you want some? Have you ever tried it?
Me: Uhh...no thanks.


Hillary said...

hehehe... strawberry...y, wheaty peanut buttery poison. LOVE that kid's imagination! :) Sometimes I'm convince that there is SO much going on in kid's heads that if really we knew that half of it it would blow our minds! Aren't they wonderful??? :D

Anonymous said...

will they make poison? I love it!

anne said...

That's verry interesting conversation for sure!

Jean said...

they really are. I wonder if their little brains ever stop!

it is never dull around here.