Friday, April 07, 2006

There's more

Read the previous post below FIRST or this one will make no sense and then you'll think I'm really off my rocker!

But WAIT!!! There's MORE!! Another truck just pulled up. A BIG truck with another BIG trailer full of leaves. Maybe they're taking the leaves away??? Could it BE?? Lemme go look...

Well...they're taking an awfully long time blowing those leaves, but they haven't been blown in our yard yet. I did see rakes and a blue tarp, so maybe. JUST maybe, the leaves will go somewhere else. To some other happy place. Other than our yard.


anne said...

You should ask them to come over and visit your yard. It's a nice yard. It likes to play too!

Jean said...

I should! But really, they are taking all our leaves, because that's mainly what's over there. :) We hardly have any in our yard.

MarktheChef said...

Jean ... it is funny how things with lawns have changed ... growing up in Buffalo I never saw a lawn "guy" ... unless it was my brothers or me! But now in Charlotte, NC (where it is going to be in the mid to high 70's today) we are the only house on the block that cuts our own lawn. I bet we are also the only house on the block that knows what we are having for dinner this evening as well.

Thank you for the post to my blog ... I will make sure I post some great recipes in the near future.

In HIS Service, Mark