Friday, September 28, 2007

The weekend and on

This weekend started out with Sam coming back home from school due to a stomach ache and sore throat. I thought, "I hope it's not strep or the flu". Amazingly enough, it was neither. Throat was due to drainage and the stomach ache was cured by a simple act each and every one of us does. A trip to the bathroom. I think it's been a couple day's since he's visited ours. I had a wandering, bored, nothing else to do but torment his sister, 6 year old on my hands who was asking to go to school. So my amazing husband took his lunch break early to come and pick Sam up to take him back to school. Now I can tackle my list for the day (clean bathrooms, bedrooms, vacuum everywhere, climb Mt. Laundry, mop, work and answer the endless "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" requests.

The parents and Ed's mom are coming this afternoon and staying over tonight. My niece is watching the kids tonight so us adults can go listen to Dan Allender (president of Mars Hill Grad School where we're looking at going for Ed's schooling) speak at the seminary. Should produce interesting conversations.

Tomorrow is pick up day for Angel Food, yell, jump up and down and cheer at Sam's soccer game and then work on house projects. Church will more than likely be attended tomorrow night and Sunday will be a day of rest.

Then a new week starts of which will be filled with the following:
Bible study, DV:FX, Ed gone to Catalyst for three days, an evening out to a wedding as a friends date (I can't wait!!), soccer practice, soccer game, airport trips, school bus driver, Friday folder stuffer, child watcher, everyday house stuff, and I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting (thank heavens for I-Cal!). :)

For now I need to go hike the mountain and clean Le Toilet Lakes.

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Anne said...

Geez and I thought I was, now I'm feeling guilty for not cleaning my house. In weeks. Yikes. The dust bunnies!! They taketh over!