Tuesday, September 04, 2007

1st grade

1st day of 1st grade. He told his grandma that it was "really hard" as they had to color a lot today. He asked if I could wash his shirt tonight so he could wear it again tomorrow. I suggested for him to pick out something different. He met a new friend who gave him his juice box since he didn't have anything to drink. He was scared and teared up when he was dropped off as he didn't know where to go. Dad was his hero by helping him out in the unfamiliar situation. He was awake at 5:45 this morning and "just couldn't go back to sleep". It is the 1st night of his 6 years of life that he has slept without bunny. The tender-hearted, care-free, not-afraid-to-hug-his-mom, thinks his dad is the ultimate coolest hero, little boy is still in there.

Seeing how some prayers change. From asking Him to keep him healthy in the womb, that he would be ok in delivery, for surgery's and doctor checkups to be positive and go well, to asking for just one full night of sleep. For him, in his child like faith, realize what Christ has done for him to asking for a good friend who will treat him kindly and not guilt him.

Soon enough he'll be going into jr. high. That literally IS how fast time goes.

It's amazing how one little person can grip your heart, sometimes squeeze it, sometimes make it burst. And no matter what, you love him with everything you have.

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Anne said...

What a big day... :) It'll slow down sometimes. Maybe. Well, you know where I'll be when you need a wedding coordinator.

He's such a great little man...and with so many of each of your & Ed's qualities. :)