Monday, September 17, 2007

all that's needed is the mini-van...

Saturday was Sam's 1st soccer game. Ed and I were pretty horse after yelling for 40 minutes. "Keep going! Go THAT way!! Move up!! Kick it, kick it! Great job!! Good try!! Awesome block!" It was very entertaining. The purple people eaters won 5-1. With of course, one point being the other team scoring in their own goal. It pretty much went, kick ball...mob follows...kick ball...mob follows. Every time Sam kicked the ball, he would stop, turn around and wave at us as the game continued. All the guys did an awesome job. By the end, I think they figured out that when you kick the ball, you go after it instead of standing there.
This Saturday it's supposed to rain. I can't wait!!

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Anne said...

Ahhh...the soccer mom... ;)