Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Who knew that when a pop can is knocked off a top shelf, when impact is made, it can explode out the side, shooting a good 15 feet into the kitchen, cover the pantry door from top to bottom, and cover four sets of legs that just happened to be standing there, trying to decide what type of fizzy to have. Obviously not that can.

Who knew that when a bowl is accidentally dropped onto the hardwood floor it doesn't break. But when accidentally dropped onto the head of a 3 year old, it breaks into five pieces, leaving a shard in her forehead, a goose egg on the side of her head and a black eye from the impact.

Who knew that pop could be so hilariously funny and kids heads so hard.


Hillary said...

Oh my word! Your poor baby! Glad you were laughing about the pop! You always find the fun and humour in things, it's great! :)

kerrianne said...

My favorite thing to do is leave a soda can in a freezer and wake up the next morning, remember leaving said soda can in the freezer ALL NIGHT and then witness the explosive frozen fun.

Um. Or not.

; )

Anne said...

HA!! Love the randomness...

Jean said...

I figured all's we could really do was laugh about it. Plus I was too tired to do anything else. :)

Oooooo....that can't be a fun mess to clean up Kerrianne!

Thanks Anne...these happened a couple weeks ago (actually within a day of each other).

kassi said...

Only a mom would know these things...seriously!