Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This jar has become a huge entity in our home. A goal was set as to how much we needed in it and last week, that goal was met.

Why did we fill it? Well...I'm so glad you asked!

Ed has talked for years about going back to school for a counseling degree, but that is as far as it has gone. In January, different prospects were popping up job wise, and he was holding out hope for a certain job, so school was once again put on the back burner. May 31st was the deadline to apply for the upcoming fall semester at the school he had his eye on, but the paperwork was put aside with the slightest hope of that same job coming to fruition.

The job didn't come about and through a series of events, school popped back into the picture. He talked with several people who encouraged him to seek this school out as it was right up his ally.

So the paperwork was dusted off, filled out, test taken, recommendations given out and fees paid. All that was left was the interview. And for that he has to be there in person. Which of course is on the other side of the country.

November 15th, Ed and I are headed to Seattle, WA to an "Experience Mars Hill Weekend" at Mars Hill Graduate School, where he will interview, we'll meet students, profs, sit in classes, be engulfed with the sights and sounds of school and the city.

The only way we were going to be able to afford this without going into debt was to somehow save enough money in cash to pay for the tickets. And that "somehow" was in the form of selling all things that we no longer used. Toys, dishes, electronics, friend and family stuff (who so graciously said we could put their profits in our jar), odds and ends. $5 here, $90 there, $25 everywhere. Two months and a bit of an empty house later, we had enough.
Tickets have been purchased.
The jar is now empty.
But the selling hasn't stopped. We're on to Plan #2 which is saving for hotel, car and food for the weekend we're away.

Now if the house would only sell as easily as everything else has, we'd be all set!


sarah cool said...

Hey! Wow, Jean! This is really awesome, and pretty inspiring. I'm learning more and more the benefits of trying to live debt free. Thanks for sharing this. you rock!! :) :)

Hillary said...

from glancing at teh small photo, its looks like there's a carrot and an olive in the bottom of the jar.

ok, off to actually READ your announcement now!

Hillary said...

Carrot=roll of coins. Olive=dirty quarter. Hillary=weirdo.

Yay for reaching your goal! Are you getting excited about the weekend? Seattle's a really nice city (and I'm not just sayin' that cause it's close to me! teehee!)

Anne said...

This is really exciting's a huge adventure for you guys!! Granted, it's way too far away (Waaaay too far) but I'm still going to be excited for you. I am. :)

Cheeky said...


Doesn't it feel good to do the no debt thing? And you appreciate things (or experiences like this trip will be) so much more when you have to work for and earn them.

And I agree with Anne.

Jean said...

It's hard, but so very worth it! :)

HAA!! Hillary, that would've made for an interesting story.. ;) I am getting excited, though it seems quite a ways off yet. Because when that's time is here, that means Thanksgiving is the following week and then Christmas!

And I'll be perusing music job opportunities every moment I'm there Anne...

It really does feel good Cheeky. :) And I don't miss anything we've sold.

Jill said...

Wow, this is huge. I have a pile of outgrown and out of style clothes that I have been waiting to put on ebay. You have inspired me to get selling. We need money for the new car fund (and by new, I mean very, very used)

Kassi said...

That is wonderful! I think that my family needs to try this for our Disney Vacation that we keep dreaming about.