Thursday, January 04, 2007

Questions for the day

Does taking down Christmas lights outside count for exercise (up and down the ladder, climbing the tree, walking around the tree so many times you start to get dizzy)?

When a gift is bought for someone with a plethera of other items and a 15% discount is applied to the total bill, when the one gift is returned, should it be allowed for the store to apply the 15% discount to that one gift?

*The above question has been answered and I do understand, now that my ever patient husband explained it to me with visuals (if I can't picture it, there's a slim chance I'll grasp it). In my head it made sense of how I was thinking it wasn't correct for the store to do, but alas, I was in error.

Is it normal for it to be 50 degrees out in January in Michigan? Not that I'm complaining....

What's the best type of pots/pans out there without spending an exorbitant amount of money?


anne said...

1. Yes. 100%.
2. (It's the same. 15% off the whole bill equals 15% off each item. So yes. Sorry.)
3. No. Absolutely not. But I'm not sure if we should complain or not.
4. I'll send you the link for the best recommendations.

Carbon said...

-I couldn't tell you what normal weather is for Michigan. I have visited twice though.
-I guess it depends on what your idea of exorbitant is :) I happen to be looking at some quality brand pots and pans lately too. I think I'm almost narrowed down to what I want (Cuisinart) and I'm waiting for a sale. (I also have a gift certificate so it helps...)

Jean said...

Shows how bad I was (and still am) at math. Ed explained it to me this morning.

Thanks for the link and for the suggestion Anne and Carbon. I've been looking to see what is out there, but there's so much I became too overwhelmed and stopped.

anne said...

I was reading about this in a few different places and what's most important to know is that you DON'T need a whole huge set! Just a couple really good ones that you will use well.