Wednesday, January 03, 2007

lost appetite

I have quite easily forgotten how much blood one tiny tooth popping out can produce.

I was reminded of this last night during dinner time eating pizza's no less.

It was the hit of the evening. Especially amongst the boys.


anne said...

At least it blended in with the pizza sauce, right? :)

amelia said...

Ugh!! Glad I had already eaten my lunch!

Jean said...

This is true Anne. It did. At least he didn't swallow it this time. :)

Sorry Amelia. ;)

Cheeky said...

I can't wait for a toof to come out "naturally" here rather than the emergency-trip-to-the-dentist-hugoid
syringe-and-pliers deal we've been accustomed to...twice! Congrats to Sam!

Jean said...

I think if I was riding in your boat, I would feel the exact same way. :)

Carbon said...

Woo Hoo... tooth fairy train coming in :)