Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New arrival

Ed received an instant message from me saying, "oh boy. oh boy. oh boy!!!!!"
My pots and pans came today and that's exactly what he guessed. In my head I was singing "ahhhhh" like when a bright light shines upon someone on tv. The chorus of voices announcing something glorious. Yes. That's what the sound was when I was opening the box.
Jenna said I was allowed to rub my hands all over them. I would have done that too if they weren't so cold! I had to sit on my hands after taking the pots/pans out of the box.
The chicken will be the first victim. Mwaaaahhh haaa haaa (rubbing hands together).
Who knew transitioning from angelic voices to villian laughter in a matter of seconds could happen so quickly!!


Carbon said...

Wow! That was fast!

Happy Cooking! I feel your excitement, I love kitchen ANYTHING!

Cheeky said... was it? I bet the chicken slid right out of the pan! Can't wait to hear all about the new arrivals!

anne said...

That was really fast! How exciting! Where are all the pictures?! Each pot and every pan. And how are the packing peanuts? :)

Jean said...

Thanks Carbon :)

It'll take some getting used to. I had to keep reminding myself that all the brown stuff stuck to the bottom was actually supposed to be there, but yet the chicken didn't stick to the bottom. It was actually a smidge weird. And the mac and cheese came out good too as the kids did eat it, so it passed the test. :)

I thought Ed had the camera, but it was actually downstairs. Pictures to come. No packing peanuts, which is probably a good thing as the house is a mess to begin with!

Kassi said...

what kind of pots and pans are they? I felt the same way when I received my calphalon set for our wedding!

Jean said...

Same brand as you. Calphalon One. Still getting used to them. I find that rice doesn't do well in the pot as it all sticks to the bottom..need to figure out what to do about that. But I do like them a lot. :)

kerrianne said...

You are so cute. Pots and pans! are indeed exciting. Especially when they are new! And, you know, hold the heat and what not. : ) I'm super excited to register. Pots and pans, plates, and a toaster that actually, well, TOASTS, are on the list.