Friday, January 26, 2007

flying by

Another week has flown by without really realizing it.
This weekend is filled up with Sunday being resting day.
Today is soup/salad pot luck at work in which I have 30 minutes to make two white chocolate double mint chip pie's for Ed's birthday treat.
Tonight's event is a post Christmas music party for all people on the music teams at church.
Tomorrow is Ed's b-day filled with surprises, and in case he reads this post, I won't be spilling the beans about what is going to be happening. Though he knows something is up as I bought plastic forks.
Tomorrow is also my eldest niece's birthday. She will be turning 17. She was born when I was 15. It still blows my mind how fast time goes. How often I find myself pinning for the days when both kids are in school. Then realize that some day I'll be wishing for the battles I am facing today with my kids. How, when looking back, life was a lot easier. How the saying, "hindsight is 20/20" always seems to be true.

So happy weekend to all. Enjoy each moment of life that you breathe.


anne said...

It does just fly by, doesn't it? I think for me a part of it is that everything I do is pretty much focused on one day, and then I get to that day and it whooshes by and it's another week of the same thing.

Can't wait to hear about all of the festivities!

Hillary said...

That's such a good reminder for us, all the time! Even when life seems insane.

Have a fantastic weekend, Jean!

Iris said...

Finally my week has slowed down...I hope the weekend will come to a standstill for at least a little while.h

Jean said...

I hope your weekend goes nice a slow for you Iris. :)

Festivities went way to fast. All the food was eaten, so there was less to clean up. Survey(er) says that it was a good birthday. :)

Thanks too!