Wednesday, February 15, 2006

V-day dinner

Since my birthday is the day before Valentines and we usually go out, staying "in" is the norm for Valentines day. Last night I attempted a meal I had never made before. I actually worked backwards and made dessert first and the main dish last. I printed out a menu for Ed and this was our meal:

Queen of Hearts Salad

Main dish:
Chicken Scallopini with Apricot Ginger Asparagus

Orange Cheesecake Mousse

The salad was AMAZING!! We both gobbled it up and it was so easy. Lettuce, artichoke hearts, homemade croutons and mandrain oranges with a mustard-garlic-oil-vinegar dressing. A picture is shown for you to drool over. SOOOOO tasty.

Main dish was pretty good. Yummy chicken with a breaded exterior and simmered in chicken broth and apple juice with mushrooms served over spaghetti.
I slightly overcooked the asparagus as I've never made it before and never made it to the apricot/ginger part as I was so ready to eat!!!
I also cut out some busicuts in the shape of a heart (one for each of us). They were pretty good...thanks to pillsbury!

Dessert. Lets just say I was about cussing with this dessert. I had to read the instructions I don't remember how many times, but I think I dreamt about it last night because it was infused in my brain. It did NOT come out like the picture. Not in the least! The picture made it look SOOOO easy. Just pipe the cheesecake and coolwhip out and tada!!! It'll look great. Try: squeeze your hands so hard around the bag that it doesn't even come out except in a big glop and tear out one of the bags because it won't even move out of the bag when squeezed with a vicegrip!! Ok..I didn't use a vicegrip, but it probably would've been easier. The little tidbit said that it was a nice fluffy dessert to go along with a heavy meal. It was heavier than the meal as it was so rich and waaaaay to orangy. WAYYY to orangy. Neither of us finished it and the extra is sitting on the counter as I won't touch it. I know exactly what I would do different next time. I'd make something else! One thing about the dessert that made me feel good was that Ed thought I bought the little chocolate hearts, when I had made them! :) What a guy!

Overall though, it was a fun night once we got to eat and the food was really good. I'm still cleaning up from the mess.

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anne said...

The dessert does look beautiful though! And everything looks soo yummy! I am thoroughly impressed!!