Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Today I'm grateful for
1. The BEAUTIFUL sunshine that is so rarely seen around here.
2. The gorgeous roses (and tasty dinner) I got last night that are as yellow as the sunshine with a
hint of pink.
3. That I get to stay inside in my sweats and sweatshirt today.
4. That tomorrow is March, which means Springs coming!!
5. Food.
6. My husband who likes to snore like he has narcolepsy just to make me laugh. To me it's
hilarous. :)
7. Yummy grapes that are crunchy.
8. Life.

What are you grateful for today?


anne said...

I wish I was thankful for grapes. I have been craving them for a couple weeks now...and no one buys them for me. I keep telling the grocery shoppers from my house that they need to do this and they aren't.

Ok. I'm thankful for:
1. M&Ms
2. Hubby
3. ipod
4. Naptime (even though I don't get one today)
5. New shoes

These are in no particular order. Really, I am more thankful for my hubby than m&ms. But it is pretty close.

Jean said...

oh those grocery shoppers!!

glorybeam said...

I'm thankful for my dear hubby, too! Why I Love My Husband

I'm also thankful for chocolate, any kind of chocolate, any time of day, any day.

Jean, sorry I overlooked your comment on my blog till just now. Love the new look of your template!

Jean said...

No problem at all!!
Welcome to my new look :)

kassi said...

I'm thankful for my daughter, and the fact that I can be home with her...especially when she is feeling sick. I am also thankful for the Take five candy bar that I squirreled away. And hot tea. I am SOOO thankful for hot tea.

Monkey said...

I'm grateful to be neither in the hospital nor in prison.

(or for that matter a hospital prison!)

kassi said...

I'm thankful to not be in a hospital prison as well.

Jean said...

With this I would have to agree :)