Thursday, February 02, 2006


Last night was a milestone in our family. Our little baby went on the potty for the first time! Some may not think this to be that big of a deal, but if that means not dishing out $13 every two weeks for diapers, I'm ALL over this.

The problem is though, she only went in reaction to her brother standing there going to the bathroom. She was sitting there on her little potty, looking all cute and naked, her brother comes in, starts going to the bathroom and sure enough, she starts going. We were all cheering and clapping for her and she was looking at us like complete idiots and had NO idea what was going on. Sigh... Does this mean that I have to drag him into the bathroom every time I want her to try?

Considering she's not quite two yet, I know I have time. But hey, she showed me she can do it, so that's it. No going back. She has no choice. ok...maybe she does. But it was exciting all the same! :)

(And yes, I will say that I did take a picture of her sitting on her potty, but am thinking she probably wouldn't appretiate it if I showed the world) :) I'll just put it in her baby book and show the guys she starts dating (when she's 30).


heather said...

Woo hoo! That is so exciting! And maybe learning by example isn't such a bad thing - it might just help it click for her faster!

Jean said...

I sure hope so! That'd be fabulously wonderful....

anne said...

Yay! Good for Ali! :)

C'mon, you know we are all dying to see the picture!!!