Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bad Manners?

Is it bad manners to shovel the driveway in your pajamas? Oh well if it is, because I just did. I had my husbands green plaid heavy coat on, his snowmobile gloves (that have three fingers) and a bright red ski mask thing and my red plaid pajamas and yellow striped ankle socks (and my big boots of course). Though the snow/slush kept getting down my boots and on my ankles. A bit chilly, but it made me move a lot faster.

The weirdest thing is shoveling snow, it's sleet/raining and thundering out. Last time I saw snow and heard thunder/saw lightening was on our honeymoon to Colorado. Very odd.

I guess I should get out of my jammies.


Moonchild said...

I dont think anyone cares what you wear to shovel long as you are warm :)

Jean said...

Very true :) We live across the street from a highschool, so I'm sure it gave the highschoolers some laughs. :)