Saturday, May 19, 2012

strolling along

If this is your first time visiting and you'd like to read this story from the beginning, you can scroll back up to Monday's post to find out how our story began.

Fall quickly approached. I was starting my 2nd year of college, but instead of staying in town to attend school, I was moving away. The summer was coming to a close and my moving date approached.

We were trying to get in as much time together.

One such evening, we were headed out for a picnic dinner. To MSU we went (yes...we went there a lot).

I remember it being a warm summer evening (ok...I was just informed that it wasn't a warm evening after all. It was a cool, look-liked-it-was-going-to-rain evening. *I must have just been remembering it being warm because it brings back warm fuzzy feelings.). As we walked across the landscape Ed started up a conversation. Honestly, I was half listening as I was looking at all the beautiful flowers while we strolled.

I heard, "This place holds a lot of memories for me. I remember my mom and I coming here to listen to the bells at Beaumont Tower. I rode my bike to classes on this campus. This was where I was going to tell you that I loved you for the first time. But the best memory I'll have is when I asked you to marry me."


Wait. WHAT?

I look over and sure enough, he was down on one knee. He had to ask again in between my "no way" and "you're not serious" comments.

He was serious though. The ring he held in his hand showed just how serious he was.

With a beaming smile, I said yes.

And that, my friends, is not even the rest of the story.

*insert gushiness here.