Thursday, May 17, 2012

A sly guy

July 24, 1992.

Our first date. My first date ever. I was a mere 17 years old (well beyond prime dating age...but I really didn't care.) I was beyond nervous.

The doorbell rang and I don't even know who answered it. The night was underway and I was swept into the excitement of my first date.

"Have her home by 10."

Out the door we went, into his red Chevy pickup truck and pulled out of the driveway.

And there they were. My family standing on the front porch waving goodbye. Maybe I'll do that to my daughter one day.

We were heading to an outdoor play at Michigan State University and then out to dinner. The butterflies must have had one too many shots of caffeine as they were going crazy in my stomach.

We made it to MSU's campus with small talk along the way. Got to our seats and the show started. We shared a Melting Moments ice cream cookie (it was delish) during intermission and settled in for the second part of the play.

At one point he snuggled up a little closer and said (these words I do remember), "My hands are really cold" as he slid one into mine.

Sly. Very sly.

Show was over and we headed back to his truck. I was curious as to where we were going to go for dinner. His words (again, verbatim), "I thought we would head to QD to pick up some sandwiches." My polite, shy self just smiled and nodded. Inside was another story. QD? REALLY?

Side note: QD aka Quality Dairy. Think of 7-11, but a place where you could also purchase milk in a bag, ice cream from behind the counter and hot dogs on the spin-o-matic. A very classy place for a first date.

Sure enough, we pull into the parking lot of a QD. I said I was going to stay in the truck while he went in to get his sandwich. I was the least bit hungry. He convinced me to come in with him. Those brown eyes got me every time! I obliged, got out and started heading to QD. Halfway through the parking lot, I looked over and he said, "where are you going?"


He may or may not have grabbed my hand and steered me towards this little restaurant/ice cream parlor in the same parking lot. Much nicer than QD by a long shot.

Again. Sly.

Welcome to the world and fun dance of dating. I was in for quite the ride.

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Valerie said...

Okay, I'm still waiting for YOUR smooth moment on this date.

Was it the melting moments cookie, or the sandwich, that later rebelled?