Monday, May 14, 2012

the beginning

I was a youngin' when I saw him. 16 years old. I remember him closing up the church after the night services ended as that was his job. He would hang around and wait for the youth group to finish, of which I was a part of. I remember seeing him walking down the back foyer hallway in a pair of jeans, t-shirt and his brown leather jacket, checking the doors and making sure all the lights were off. 

On Sunday mornings, the youth group would always sit on the right side, taking up the first four pews. The college and singles would sit behind us. During the service I would take a few glances back, pretending to look at the clock, but would do a quick scan to see if I could see him behind me. 

On Wednesday nights, the youth group would sit, yet again, on the right side in the front and I'd scan the back for his handsome face.

Sometimes I would catch his eye. He would smile. I would melt. 

Other times, I'd get to just look at him without him noticing.

But one such Sunday, there was a girl sitting next to him. A very pretty girl. I shouldn't have been surprised. Heck...I was only 16! But I was still a bit sad. He had a girl. 

And time went on. The girl left the scene. 

Enter the beginning of something beautiful.

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