Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not a dramatization

Seen this commercial?

These are my kids (no...not in REAL life), but especially my daughter. School supplies equals heavenly bliss. Excitement over a pencil sharpener. That is PURPLE mind you.

Colored folders. Ahhhhhh.

MSU clicky pens (which my son is stoked about). They're totally cool mom!

Meijer could've come into my living room, video taped my children and wouldn't have had to pay anyone. With the Meijer bags strewn across the floor, supplies littered everywhere and excitement that was not paid, they could've made out big. Big I tell you.

But the mom would have to be replaced with the dad, because dad was the super hero that took them shopping. I think he may have even worn a cape.


anne said...

Am disappointed that you didn't make your own video... ;)

borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

That is Awesome Jean, I can just picture Sam and Alina in their school supplies excitement! I am sure that Ed was wearing a cape, he is like superman!