Thursday, August 18, 2011

Being back

One of the things I love about being back in our home town is sharing memories and re-aquainting places with our kids.

Last week we were out driving in two vehicles (in case we found "THE" couch), and were heading down a very familiar road. I was following Ed and I could see him pointing to different buildings. And I knew exactly what he was sharing with the kids.

"Over there is where mom went to college and where Uncle Rob and Aunt Laura work."

"Do you remember coming to see me when I worked over there?"

"Up there was my first apartment. I lived there before mom and I got married."

They may not have been the exact words my husband said, but those places are landmarks for us.

It has been a good reminder for me to slow down. Enjoy life. Not rush around just to get to the next thing. To remember.

Remember all the way back to childhood even.

"See that D&W Sam? That wasn't always there. There used to be an apple orchard there and when I was little we would go there to pick up bushels of apples."

"This road that we're on? It didn't used to have all these lanes or the big grassy area in the middle. It used to just be a two lane road."

I love seeing landmarks every day and remembering. And being able to share my history and Ed and I's history. And even better, being a part of adding landmarks and memories to my kids' history.

It's good to be back.

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Luanne said...

I always wonder if we will move back to GR...David thinks not. But we have family to visit, so we can do that then :)