Friday, May 14, 2010

Last week I was yet again reminded how much we have.

For our anniversary coming up, we splurged and bought a new bed. Ed was waking up more tired than he was when going to bed and in serious pain each morning.

The same day we bought the bed, I received an e-mail from one of my coworkers stating a man in the congregation was working with a couple from Pakistan who needed a bed. The wife is 7 months pregnant and the husband is looking for work. I thought in my wee brain, "we have a bed that's still in good condition."

Two of the custodians at church came and got it from our house on Monday and took it to the couple. One of the guys took pictures and video to show me their journey.

He said, "this is their couch. She slept there while her husband slept on the floor." He then showed me their bedroom and the bed on the floor. There was about a foot of space to walk on one side of the bed and that was it. No dressers or anything else could fit in the room.

He also said, "they washed out their two cups just to give us a drink." Two cups. That's all the dishes they had. I received an e-mail later from the man and from a woman that is working with them also, saying they absolutely LOVE the bed and are so very thankful for it.

Here I sit on my comfy chair surrounded by bookcases full of books and a piano against the other wall. My kitchen is chalk full of dishes. Do I really need all this? There is a couple out there with a bed, a couch and 2 mugs.

What can you do to help someone? Goodwill is great and helps a lot of people, but there's just something about seeing who you are giving to that pierces the heart.

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anne said...

This is so cool! I think we would all be more willing to give up a bunch of our stuff if we saw places it was needed!