Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the beginning

This week marks our 15th wedding anniversary. When I tell people how long I've been married, it's quite humorous to see their reaction. Last week one coworker said he thought I wasn't even 30 yet. The week before another said she thought I looked like I was in college.

I thought it'd be fun to share some of our story from way back when.

The picture you see is from my Senior Banquet (not prom mind you. That wasn't allowed). Ed and I had started dating the summer between my Junior and Senior year. Of high school. We had been making eyes at each other for a couple years before Ed finally asked me out.

He was wisely advised by his friends not to ask me out when he wanted to as I was just 15 years old. So two years later he did. But I informed him that he had to ask my dad first for permission.

That sure didn't deter him. He went out to lunch with my dad and asked permission of which was granted.

Our first date he feigned cold hands while sitting at an outdoor MSU play and slipped them into mine. Yeah...he's sneaky like that. He also blatantly lied and said for dinner he was going to get a sandwich from Quality Dairy (if you know Lansing, you know QD..think 7-11, but also having ice cream. And milk in a bag. I joke not.) We did end up at QD, but also in the same parking lot was a little restaurant called Swenson's. He headed that direction while I headed to QD. Yeah...he's sneaky like that too.

From the first time he told me he loved me (in which I threw up), I continued to get sick in his presence. It took months to recover from that. I even broke up with him one day, calling the next saying I made a mistake.

He claimed he was going to marry me to his mother even before we started dating. Yeah...he's persistent like that.

So many stories in our courtship. All of which make me smile.


mark said...

Hi Jean,
Loved hearing the story again! Have a great day and give Ed a big sloppy wet kiss from all of us here in GR.
Love, Mark

Lyndsay said...

I just want to know where we can get more of those pics! :]

anne said...

I second what Lynds said! You're so brave for posting this...

Jean said...

Ed saw the pic and groaned. :) Hoping to post another one today (as soon as I get home and get it out of the frame).