Sunday, May 16, 2010


Whilst in the store the other day, I was reading labels to Sam on cereal (showing him how much sugar is in the sugary cereals as he and his sister always ask for them and I always say no) and noticed a little thing called BHT that is added to the packaging material to preserve freshness. It also appears in things like potato chips, which tend to be high in fat, along with baked goods and a wide variety of other foods.

Onto Google I went and found, according to good 'ole wikipedia, the definition.

First off, I can't even pronounce this additive. Butylated hydroxytoluene. Exactly. It's an antioxidant food additive.

Then I read what else this is used for as an antioxidant additive. It's used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, jet fuels, rubber, petroleum products, electrical transformer oil,[2] and embalming fluid.

Yum! And it's great that I have unopened boxes of what I thought are healthy cereals sitting in my cupboard with this on the label.

As with everything else out there, debate and controversy ensue with one side saying it's safe and others saying it can increase tumors and malignant cancers.

I just want to live on a plot of land with a milk cow, some chickens, maybe a pig and a garden, hang my wash on the line and churn butter. I know. It's harder than it sounds, but doesn't it sound grand?


Valerie said...

You should move to Ireland, my friend. I hear there's farmland available.

Ed said...

I think I could go for the milk cow, but not the chickens or pigs. Remember your pet chicken pecked you in the corner of the eye once. And, pigs are just stinky.

Anonymous said...

Our small group jokes about starting a commune in Montana someday. As I glance at the world around me (and at food labels) maybe the cow and clothesline idea is not too farfetched.

Becky said...

Oh Jean! Come share life with us! We do 4 of the 6 right now and are working toward the milk cow.

However we have no plans to add pigs!!!! YUCK!!!!

Love you guys!

anne said...

I hear ya...I am totally getting chickens in a few years!

Amy said...

I am SO with you on this one. It's frustrating that it costs so much to eat organic and all-natural. No pork for us, though. Too much bacteria. We eat a lot of venison.