Thursday, November 20, 2008


Here are some pics from Anne's visit. Can't believe it went so fast, but I am SO, SO thankful as my heart was not doing well what so ever. Thank you Anne for coming. Thank you my sweet husband for bringing her and filling my heart.

The surprise:


Thanksgiving spread and dessert with Hillary, Tim and Aryn. Since we didn't make it to Canada for Canadian Thanksgiving with Hillary and we always spend Thanksgiving with Anne and Andy, we thought having a T-dinner was the way to go. And Anne's old roommate from college and her husband live 10 minutes away so Ed invited them too (back when plans were in the works). :)

Anne's amazing chocolate cheesecake topped with fresh whipped cream. was even better than it looks.

What do friends who met on the computer do at midnight? Why be on the computer together!

Ferry to Kingston Island:



Luanne said... mouth is watering over that chocolate cheesecake! I am SO happy you had fun with Anne and was blessed with such an awesome surprise! You have a great hubby :)

anne said...

I guess I don't have to write my post anymore, huh? I was getting REALLY lazy at editing my pics and so on...but you did a fabuloso job. :) That IS the cutest baby ever. Golly gee. And I think I'm making another one of those cheesecakes for next week. It was that good.

My dearest, it did my heart good things to be with you as well. It was a needed break and, in spite of not meeting Patrick, was the best!

anne said...

Oh and people? You should have heard the screaming!

Jean said...

Thanks Luanne. :) Yes...he is pretty amazing. :)

There were so many pics to choose from and I didn't want to do too many in case you posted. :)
That seriously was the best cheesecake ever. And having you here to make it was even better. :)
yes...the screaming. I didn't stop shaking for two hours. I was that surprised. Well worth it. :)

heather said...

This is so fun! Thanks for posting pics - I've been wanting to hear an update. I love surprises like this. :)