Sunday, November 23, 2008

Book Review

I just finished the book Holding Fast: The Untold Story of the Mount Hood Tragedy by Karen James for Thomas Nelson Publishers.

This was a heart wrenching, but amazing book. The author is the wife of a mountaineer who lost his life two years ago on Mount Hood along with his closest friends, which is part of the Cascade Mountain Range. I chose this book as I can see the Cascade Mountain Range from our back deck. The book is the journey of a woman who was so deeply in love with her best friend, the tragedy of his death and how her life changed because of it. Her faith in God was transformed because of the circumstances that she dealt with. Seeing how her friends surrounded her, how her step-kids stuck by her, and how she was not afraid to question God was so real.

The book itself went very quickly. You almost feel like you are right there beside her, grieving with her, but I can not begin to imagine the depths of grief she went through.

All around, a good book. Not one that I usually would choose, and I was skeptical going into it, but the first page grabbed me and took me for quite the ride.


Luanne said...

oooh...I need a book to read on my trip this week! I am going to try and find it! My sister used to snowboard on Mt. Hood and my cousin was married at Timberline Lodge on the mountain. Beautiful...but freaky up there, I will admit!

Jean said...

It really was a good book. I wanted to cry and hoped it would turn out different (even though the "ending" is at the beginning!) It's so hard reading about someone's heart breaking.