Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Today started at 5:15 with getting ready and everyone up to take Ed to the airport for his Catalyst trip. Right now he's sitting in Hot-lanta at the airport until 5. You can read about his Catalytic adventures here.

Alina's been sick the past three days with a temp varying between 101 and 103 degree. The nurse said it's croup. Thankfully, today she's back to her 100% self and has already gone outside in her Sunday dress sandals and ducky jammies to yell at the woodpecker who's making designs on the side of our house. Her fever broke about 1/2 an hour ago which is a huge praise (as I was getting a bit worried)!

So today I'll keep Ed company via instant message, be entertained by a ducky laden 3 year old scream at the woodpecker, sing my heart out tonight at church, continue to remind myself to not forget Sam at school, and quite possibly finish the laundry (now THAT would be amazing if it actually did happen).


Anne said...

Glad everyone is feeling better...and I sure wish you could have gotten a video of her yelling at the woodpecker! How funny was that?!

Cheeky said...

I hear your laundry woes...I have 4 baskets waiting to be folded and a little hill of dirty starting to pile up.

Jean said...

It was pretty humorous. Especially since her voice was so raspy and I could tell she was screaming hard, but it was so soft.. :)

It's like bunnies I tell you. Multiplying while we don't watch.