Friday, October 12, 2007

note to self

Next time I try and explain, "if a friend jumps off the edge of a you follow? Of course not!!" I should use more specific applicable terminology. Like, "if a friend sticks his finger in the pencil sharpener and then tells you to do it, do you follow?".

His response: But I wanted to see if it would sharpen my nail!
Me: Did you know that there are blades inside the pencil sharpener?
Him: (eyes big and wide). Oh. Can I have a band aid please?


Hillary said...

Oh my gosh! Yeowtch!

Anne said...

Oh dear... :) I hope there's still some finger attached!!

heather said...

sharpen his fingernail - that's actually pretty smart! oh, dear, though - hope it wasn't too much of a tragedy in teh finger dep't.

Jean said...

There's some finger aid's always make the biggest gash better..

hopefully he's learned his lesson about the workings of a PENCIL sharpener (not a fingernail sharpener).