Tuesday, October 23, 2007

are their jackets really yellow?

It's been awhile since I've posted. Life has been flying by and I've been meeting myself going around corners. This week has been a low key one so far. A good recouping week. Considering the weekend I came off of.

Saturday Ed scraped off the last of the beautiful wood shakes on the front of our house (will show pictures when the exterior of the house is done). I had the job of holding the ladder. Which is hard to do when a yellow jacket crawls up your pants and starts stinging you (I think it knew its victim had never been stung in her 32 years and was the one appointed to end that record). What does one do? Let go of the ladder your husband is on, 2 1/2 stories up in the air, and pray he doesn't fall at that moment into the pile of broken wood shakes with rusty nails pointing toward the sky, or hold on and let the yellow jacket sting to its hearts content? I did both. I held on with one hand (a lot of good that would've done if the ladder slipped) and started pounding myself silly on the leg with the other hand. I was almost to the point of letting go completely to strip my pants off in the middle of the driveway. But right before that (I'm sure embarrassing moment) that horrible insect, which I know God created, fell out of my pants and I smushed it to the point of no recognition. I was MORE than happy to take two for the team though. Because if it was Ed it happened to, he would've jumped off the ladder from where he was, I would've had to stab him with a needle, get the kids and him in the car, and rush to the emergency room so they could administer drugs and probably fix broken bones. My stings were free. So between the yellow jacket and finding a bat under one of the shutters (which was really cool showing the kids it's wings all spread out and its fangs when it screeched at us), it was enough excitement to last me a good couple years.

On Sunday I filled in for Anne at church. I told her that she really knows how to stretch me. She says she tries. I was having dreams for days following up to Sunday about really messing up. I was more than stressed. I was scared stiff. Low and behold, leading music for a LOT of kids (K-5th grade) was a riot. I messed up. Often. But what can you do? Gotta keep goin'. I really don't know how she does it week in and week out. I came home and laid down. It was only 11:45 in the morning! You rock Anne!! No wonder she's so fit! Next time though, give me songs that'll work both my legs instead of just one. It made it hard walking up and down the steps Monday with only one really sore leg! :)

As for the rest of the week, who knows what will happen! Nothing to write home about so far, which is fine by me.


Jessica said...

Just so you know....I think you did a wonderful job filling in as music gal!


heather said...

yikes! yellow jackets. you handled it perfectly! and i wish i could have seen you lead music; i'm sure you were brilliant. isn't it so much fun?! :)

Anne said...

I have heard you were fabulous!! Just you wait until January... ;)

Thank you again for filling in! I had no worries knowing that you were the one in charge!

Jean said...

Thanks Jessica!! I was actually watching you the 2nd service to compare my moves to yours...and if I was doing them right.. :)

I was thinking about you Saturday night and wondered how it went for you! :) It really is a lot of fun!

Now that I've done it once Anne, I'm golden for January. You know I'd do anything to help you out. :) How could one say no to your cuteness!? :)

Ed said...

You were SO brave with the yellow jackets. Those nasty pests built dozens and dozens of nests under the cedar shakes. I probably would have milked the pain for the rest of the day, but not you.

Watching you lead music Sunday was glorious. You seemed like you were in your sweet spot as you lead the kids. I was proud of you!

Jean said...

I'm really glad that I got stung and not you my love. ;)

And seeing you in the back smiling away at me calmed my nerves a lot as I was so nervous in front of all the adults..