Saturday, October 27, 2007

Still downsizing

Because of this,

We purchased this.

Which as of yesterday we no longer have so we can go here.

This has been by far our biggest sale yet thanks to Craigslist. Having two vehicles for just over one year was wonderful, but not having the worry of when the blue beast was going to need fixed again is even more wonderful. So once again, we're a one car family which is working out swimmingly.


Hillary said...

Oh my goodness, Jean, you had me freaked out there for a minute!!! Yikers!

YAY for selling your car! I'm glad it worked out! :) :) :)

Now, on to that next item..... (still praying for ya!)

Anne said...

My first thought was, "Not again!?" But whew! And Congrats!! YAY!!!

Cheeky said...

Hooray and whew! When is your trip west?

heather said...

yeah for a sell! and whew that there wasn't another accident! when are you guys planning to go to Seattle???

Jean said...

Thanks ladies!

I sure hope I never have to go through an accident like that again!

We're leaving in three short weeks! Nov. 15-18th.

heather said...

woah, nelly! somehow i missed it that the move was happening this year - i was thinking this summer. well, this is definitely exciting! let us know if we can help out at all!! we're good movers. :)

Jean said...

We're not actually moving yet. We're going to visit the school in two weeks, but the house won't go up for sale until January (or when all repairs are done). So you're right..not until next summer. :)