Wednesday, August 22, 2007


A catch-up post if you will:

Clean-sweeping the garage that resulted in an entire bin full of garbage, a pile of freecycle items and a pile of items to sell.
Cleaning out the pantry that I kept shoving things into only to find new habitants, in the form of white worms, had set up dwellings. Bleach and a trash bag full of food later, the pantry was clean.
Waking up to an amazing thunderstorm this morning only to have the power go out, and later hearing and watching a pine tree topple in the neighbors yard.
Having the other vehicle fixed. Hopefully no more fixing anytime soon.
Seeing a door firmly close with a polite "no thank you" spoken concerning a job that may have not transpired anyway and being very ok and at complete peace with that decision.
Visiting a church that we have never been to and actually running into people we know.
Having half of the basement ceiling on the floor. Intentionally.

It has been an exciting four days. Should be interesting to see what the rest of the week holds!


Anne said...

I suppose at least it's good that it was polite, right? And very good that you're at peace about it. :)

Man!! The worms!? EEEWWW!!! I don't envy you THAT job at alll!! Yuck!!

However, way to go on the garage!! That's such a huge job and I bet you feel a million times better with it all done!


Jean said...

Definitely good that it was polite and I think there is more conversation to come which should prove to be interesting.

It was pretty gross. I did lose my appetite for awhile.

It is nice! Now people need to want the stuff we want to get rid of. :)

Hillary said...

I'm so glad you at least have a firm answer. And even more glad that you are feeling ok with it.

That, of course, makes me excited for the possibilities that may be opening up to you with one door decidedly closed. Of course, I'm praying for you and your fam that God will continue to provide for you and make it ever so clear what he has in store for you.

Jean said...

With the "no thankyou" answer, that made it even more evident of what the next year holds. ;)