Saturday, August 25, 2007

I knew I should have knocked on wood or something along those lines before writing the last line on the post below. It has been an adventurous couple of days already!

The vehicle did get fixed. But now needs repaired again. Ed and I were up at 4:15 Thursday trying to see where the very strong odor of gasoline that was filling the house was coming from. The blue beast was sitting looking all innocent in the garage, but the puddle under it was all the evidence we needed.

It has been a very rainy week with some strong storms. One such storm knocked our power out again Thursday night right at dinner prep time. Thankfully, the pizza place was open as I was not able to make anything. So it was bon appetit by candle lite. Followed by a camp out in our room. I had forgotten how loudly Sam breathes so I was up the majority of the night and even attempted sleeping in his bed with little success. I tried to wake him up to go into his bed, but he was almost in tears as he loved the adventure of slumbering in his sleeping bag in our room and didn't want to leave.

As of right now, this weekend is looking uneventful but as always, that could change in the blink of an eye, or the flicker of lights.


anne said...

You guys never fail to have adventures... :) Glad to hear you made the most of it all!!! Do power outages freak the kids out, or do you have secret tricks to make it all fun?

Jean said...

Thankfully the kids don't freak out. They weren't big fans of the dark when it was time to go to bed, but the candles helped and they thought it really fun to eat by candle lite. :)

Hillary said...

Well with the kinds of adventures you guys have when the power goes, out, no wonder they don't mind! :)

You know I'll be coming to you for tricks when the time comes, eh?

hehe... EH???