Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This past weekend was trip #3 for Ed and the final trip. To fill the days until he returned home, one day the kids and I took a trip to Lansing to visit our good friends Nathan and Kerry Lynne. We've known this fantastic couple for 10+ years and even though they moved to VA 6 months after we met them, we've kept in contact with them over the past several years. Taking trips to VA, meeting a couple times in OH for weekends and several phone calls, e-mails and now instant messaging (YAY for THAT!!). They happened to be vacationing in the great U.P. (eh!?) and stopped in Lansing on their way back and invited the kids and I to come down for lunch and visits. It's been just over 3 years that we've seen each other, so I jumped at the chance to see them when they're only an hour away!!

Their son Josh is one year younger than Sam and those two are like two identical peas in the same very small pod. It was humorous watching them and seeing how much they are alike but yet they each portrayed their uniqueness and awesome boyness. No wonder their dad's are such good friends!! We ventured to the park after the little cutie patootie Eva was put down for a nap and Nathan pulled out the camera and took some absolutely amazing shots of the kids. Which of course I need to share... Thanks for letting me copy these Nathan!!

The hours flew by and it was time to leave. Already talks of Thanksgiving in VA are being discussed.


Hillary said...

Those pictures... oh WOW!

Anne said...

I love the sweet b&w one... :)

Jean said...

the b/w one is my favorite one too!