Sunday, August 26, 2007

final conclusion

Today I laughed. Not at the circumstances, but at the way life goes. Today was a "top off the week" day.

At church our son's number came up for a parent to come get him out of class. This is the first time this has happened in the six years he has been living. Ed dashed down there (I'm guessing as the number disappeared pretty quickly). My mind was racing. Did he get in trouble? Did he get injured?

Afterwards, I found Ed and Sam sitting on one of the steps towards the rear of the room we were attending service in and Sam wasn't looking too great. He didn't even want a cookie.

So we made it out of church in record time with only chatting to a few people and Sam was half asleep by the time Alina and I got to the truck.

It takes 10 minutes to get home. Two minutes into the drive, Sam started crying saying he felt like he was going to throw up. Sure enough. Breakfast from yesterday came up (eggs look the same before and after being eaten) with lots and lots of water. Of course we had no towels in the truck or anything to give him. And it kept coming and coming and coming. Ed pushed the speed limit hurrying to get Sam home as he was soaked and everything around him was soaked.

I stripped him down and took him to the shower. Then the fun job started. Cleaning up. Puddles. Dripping. Chunks. All in the fabric of the car seat. Thankfully the regular seat is leather so I could sop everything up. I almost did lose it. Almost, but held it together.

A good dose of Frebreeze later, everything smells lovely and all is back to normal.

Even Sam. His words getting into the shower were, "What are we going to have for lunch? I'm getting hungry".


Cheeky said...


Anne said...

Oh man!! Maybe we should have kept him at church just a smidge longer... :)

sarah cool said...

Oh, puke! ICK! Hahaha, you are such a good mom, Jean!

kerrianne said...

Kids are so awesome.

Kassi said...

I really shouldn't have read your blog post during lunch. :)

I hope he is feeling better now.

Jean said...

You get used to it after him getting sick every month...but not so used to the smell.. :)

I'm guessing he probably wouldn't have made it to the bathroom in time. Thankfully you were in his class, anne, and knew he wasn't faking it! :)

That SC! ;)

I must agree that kids are pretty awesome.

Sorry Kassi! Must've been something in his tummy that he had to get ride of since a couple hours later the mac and cheese, breadstick, and open house food did fine in him...