Thursday, May 24, 2007


Last weekend's anniversary celebration was chalked full.

It started Friday night with dinner out at a great local eatery with friends and then viewing Nacho Libre which caused side splitting laughing.

Saturday started with breakfast at another great local eatery, a drive to the lakeshore where we ditched the vehicle and hopped on our bikes for a couple hours. We then devoured a light snack while sitting by the bay, changed for dinner, ate way too much at a fanstastic restaurant and ended with flurries by the shore.

We also were surprised by a kite festival that was taking place. Neither of us had seen kites as big as some were. It was extremely windy by the shore and we watched one kite literally drag a man on his stomach across the beach until another man grabbed his legs and was able to stop him.

Sunday was church, mom-in-law taking us out on our official anniversary, a quick nap, video shoot at a car repair and then home to do house/yard work.

Too sum it up, Monday came waaaaaaay too quick.

Another weekend is sneaking up on us and this time will include a trip to the parents homestead where three out of five of us siblings are gathering to help the parents do some landscaping reconstruction (or I should say destruction). Then it will be a trip back home with one day filled with church and dinner with friends and then one day working on the yard.

Whew! I'm ready for a nap!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Anne said...

I love and hate it when weekends are so full! :) I'm looking forward to a couple days of relaxation myself...gardening and napping perchance? Get lots of sunshine!

Jean said...

You do have lots o gardening to do don't you? Let me know if you need more stones.

I hope you do have a relaxing loooong weekend!!

sarah cool said...

You look so darn cute in your bike helmet! How do you DO that!! :-)

Jean said...

Thanks Sarah. All credit goes to the handsome man next to me. He picked out the pink helmet. :)