Monday, May 14, 2007


I find it rather odd that my computer says it is 84 degrees outside yet here I sit with a short sleeve shirt on, a long sleeve sweater, long pants and a pair of socks. And the air conditioning is not on. Can't complain about that!!

Princess has a long sleeve/pant jumpsuit on sitting next to me making snakes and bread out of the play dough (and I was informed that the snakes do go in the bread so the snakes can say "sssssss"). Will be some fantastic bread!

We received yet another gift in the mail on Saturday in which we are able
to use for our anniversary this weekend. Humbled and awed again by
God's blessings being showered upon us during this season of our lives.
Living the message that our pastor spoke about yesterday. Choosing to
be content with what we have. Choosing to not go away for a weekend and
being blessed in a totally different way where we are now able to "get
away" for a bit.

During my morning study, God made me aware of some issues going on in my heart. Issues I was completely unaware of until the brick hit me between the eyes. A wake up call, if you may. Now learning to fully accept Christ's forgiveness on these matters even when I feel like I don't deserve it. Learning about His grace and mercy
all over again.

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