Tuesday, March 27, 2007

4 out of 4

The other three have already posted about our Chicago trip, so you can go to their blogs and read their hilarious thoughts about our trip.

I thought I would let your eyes feast on some phrases and experiences that were seen, heard and said throughout the weekend.

"You like Deeeelilah?" from neurotic, crazy cabbie driver at 11:00 on a Friday night.

"Ohhhh monkey! Don't eat that screw!!" Sarah

The two step (or a variation that was learned) being done waiting for the L and walking down the street by Hillary.

$3 lunch at Higgins Tavern.

"That's a lot of fried food on one plate." Said by each of us at one time or another sitting at Giordano's pizza.

"She's bound and determined to get a picture of a seal isn't she?"

"My picture is better than yours!!" :)

"Flip, toss, toss, toss." Glinda from Wicked.

To sum it all up, the time went waaaaay too fast, was so much fun, couldn't have been more natural meeting two lovely ladies for the first time in person and we're ready to do it all again. Very soon!


Hillary said...

Ah HAAAA! Yes, I DID do a little dance, didn't I? ha!

I'm so paranoid I'm actually DOING the "flip, toss toss toss" now unconciously when I flick my hair outta my eyes and off my shoulders!

Anne said...

But my picture IS better than your picture! :)

Jean said...

You sure did Hills!! :) Several times. :)

HAA!!! That and the little arm dance.

Yes, yes it is, isn't it? :) Still waiting to see it though!!!!

sarah cool said...


I loved that you tried so many times to take that picture of the seal, Jean!! Heheheehehe!! And all of a sudden... "I think the lens is fogged up!" Hahaha!

Flip, toss toss!

Hillary said...

Arm dance? I don't remember that one... (though I'm sure I did! hehe!)

sarah cool said...


Anne said...

You know, the robot arm dance?! C'mon! We were doing it all weekend! And then I did it for a friend who had seen the show before and they just thought I was crazy. Oh well... :)

Jean said...

You? Crazy? :)

it just makes me want to go see it again!!!

Hillary said...

oh thaaaaat arm dance!

(by the way, click my name for a link to another arm dance... it makes me want to buy this book!)

Hillary said...

aw, shoot. That didn't work. Well, on the page it takes you to, there's a picture of the book, then four smaller images below it. Click the smaller image with four frames.

convoluted enough for you?