Thursday, March 22, 2007


It's finally here!!!! In less than 14 hours the train will be pulling away from the station.

Where am I going? Why to Chicago!!!
Who am I going with? Anne, Hillary and Sarah!!
What are we going to do? Eat food, talk for hours, see Wicked, and who knows what else!
Why you ask? Why NOT!?!

Sarah suggested writing what our pre-impressions are of each other as we have not met face to face. So here are mine:

I have the privilege of knowing Anne in every day life. She is a fun, sensitive, loving woman who lives her passions, has a rock solid marriage and really is married to a rock star. She has creative juices running through her blood, is always on the lookout for a good book, finds solace on the hammock with a kitty in the sun. She's a good Voice. :)

A grade 5 teacher in Canada. She is FULL of laughter and life. Her heart is so tender and compassionate to her kids at school and her friends. She loves to dance, hike, camp, and travel across the world on her own. She grabs life by the horns and lives each moment to the fullest. I think her vibrancy and energy is going to easily seep into all of us this weekend.

She has a heart for teenagers (hence why she works in the youth group), loves her cat even when he/she is about to bite her, puts up with the torrents of squirrels, loves to bake, likes football (that's a guess from one of your posts Sarah), has a blast with her friends, is close with her family and laughs. A lot.

We all have been looking forward to this weekend for what seems like months. I have to say though that my mother and mother in law have been asking all sorts of questions about "the others" who I am meeting. I can understand their concern,
but I have no qualms about this weekend what so ever. More excitement at meeting people I know in person!!

Which leads to realizing that I need to do laundry and pack still.
Looking forward to seeing you ladies tomorrow!!!! ;)


sarah cool said...

I feel the EXACT same way about Hillary's energey spurring us all on this weekend!!! Hehehe!!

And yes, I LOVE football, especially the Bengals. :-)

Can't WAIT, Jean!

anne said...

Oh yeah...packing and laundry. I'd better get on that too!!

Chicago here we come!

Jean said...

remember to pack a towell too! I almost forgot! :)

anne said...

Ah yes. Thanks!

Hillary said...

HA! My mom asked how I knew for sure you were all women!!!

Carbon said...

How exciting.

Have a fun time!

Hillary said...

Man alive! I miss you guys already!!!

I'm sooo looking forward to the stories and pictures! :)

Say happy birthday to Sam for me tomorrow! (not that it'll mean anything to him, but it means you get to give him an extra hug! :) )

Jean said...

Thanks C! It was a really fun trip!