Friday, March 16, 2007

kiss me*, i'm Irish

With St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, my Irish heritage shines extra bright. Not green mind you, but a nice hue of orange.
Admiration and awe mingle when I think of my dad, at the young age of 21,
venturing on a ship from N. Ireland to come to America with his friend.
Hearing stories of my grandfather, whom I never met, working as a milk man. Of my great grandfather being a lamp lighter. Of my father as a bread delivery man forBrusters Bread. Having explored with my husband the land I am a part of, and learned more of my ancestry by walking, hearing, tasting Irish culture. Being able to pass on this heritage to our children.
And the food. Penguins (not live ones mind you...), dulce, crisps, shortbread, snowballs, fish and chips smothered in gravy, orangina, biscuits, flake bars, Quality Street candy, the potatoes my Aunt Jennifer makes, Cadbury, tea sandwiches, scones, HP sauce.
Learning how to say "cow" with the correct intonation based on what county my relatives live in. Smiling every time Michigan is said (more likeMitchigan instead of Mishigan). Hearing the wee ones talk in the Irish cadence that makes my words seem so flat.
Oh to go back. To glimpse the ocean in Port Stewart. To see the boat yards
in Belfast. To smell the sea side. To hear the various lilts of voices.
To sit and chat with cousins, aunts and uncles.
Being able to say I am an Irish lass and am very proud of who I am.
I just may have to put the dual citizenship to use....

*Ed only please. :)


heather said...

the northern coast of ireland at port stewart is my favorite place in the whole world. i can smell it right now...

time for some scone (sk-on) bread. :)

Hillary said...

Happy St Patty's to you! I'm looking forward to my Chicago walking tour tomorrow and hopefully catching some of the parade before I have to catch my train. DID YOU KNOW THEY DYE THE RIVER GREEN??? Ho-lee!

Ireland is definitely on my list of places to go see! One day...

Jean said...
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Anne said...

Man. Next time you visit, can you take me along?

Cheeky said...

Every St. Patrick's day my great-grandmother, Reba Harris, would stalwartly wear her orange dress and proclaim her Irish protestantism as well. I attribute my strong-headedness, hilarity, hospitality, and red-headed daughter to my Irish roots. And thank God that we are free to worship orangely rather than going through the green motions.

Jean said...

mmmmmm scones.... :)

Have fun Hillary! I hope you can catch the parade before you leave. Look forward to hearing about it!

Sure can Anne. :)

We were strongly encouraged to wear orange to school on St. Patrick's day growing up. My dad still wears his tie with orange shamrocks to church. :) And I agree and am very thankful to be able to live in a country where we can worship freely.

Carbon said...

My sister visited ireland and said it's very beautiful. I had a good friend who returned back to his beloved Ireland after being in Canada for many years. I look forward to visiting him one day there and be able to show me everything and make me drink that horrid Guinness... *shutter* :)

Great stories from the past! Happy belated Patty's day :)