Thursday, February 22, 2007


Today has been a bit of a long day.

1. Awake with sick son at 3:45 this morning.

2. Could not ease the searing pain in his ear.

3. Knowing antibiotics were going to be needed. This equals $$.

4. Finding out he had an ear infection in the other ear too.

5. It looks like a truck has run over him with dark circles under his blood shot eyes.

1. Able to go back to sleep around 5:30.

2. Husband came in and soothed son to sleep in a matter of seconds. He IS super dad.

3. Antiobiotics were FREE at the store.

4. He has a very high pain tolerance (though this could be a down if he breaks a bone and never tells us).

5. All sickness came at once. Two ear infections, colds (or pink one knows) in both eyes, sore throat and upset stomach.

6. He did not miss one minute of school with it being winter break.

I'm ready for bed.


Anne said...

*On Vacation
*80 degree weather
*no working
*hanging with friends and family we haven't seen in months (or years!)
*missing the snow

*Missing friends back home :)

heather said...

wow - you have your hands full! i hope you are able to get some rest yourself so you don't get sick...

Jean said...

It was a long day. Amazingly and thankfully no one else has gotten sick.

Anne...are you REALLY??? missing the snow? :) Now that you've been on the beach and in the ocean? :) Miss you!! :)

anne said...

No silly, missing the snow as in "Sweet, I'm missing the crappiness of the snow!" not in, "Shucks, I don't get to see the snow..."

More like that. But now I'm not. I wish I were. Ah well.

Jean said...

Oh I know what you meant. I was being sarcastic. :)