Wednesday, February 28, 2007

sleepy head

The yucky bug germs have been transferred from one child to the other.
The princess and I were playing hide and seek and she hid under her blanket
in her room. I gave her a few minutes as she loves to "hide".
I went up to her room and she was fast asleep.
Without her dolly.
It was 6:20.
I noticed goopy stuff in her eye. Just like her brother had last week. I really shouldn't be surprised.
The sad thing is that her birthday is a few days away and now she gets to be sick on her special day.
The fun curves life has in it!


Hillary said...

Aw, poor kiddo! I hope she's feeling better soon (and that YOU don't get it, too!).

And yes, we DO seem to have a lot of "SQUEEE" in our inboxes these days, don't we? hehe...

Jean said...

She actually slept through the night until almost 8 this morning!

We sure do!!! Looking forward to the SQUEEE weekend too! :)

Anne said...

Sad little buggo...Hope she gets better soon...keep you and hubby healthy!!

Garrett said...

Dude...give me some cake. I'm totally starving.