Monday, February 05, 2007

a hearty evening

With the weather the way it has been and the Super Bowl last night, a good hearty dish was being called for. Ed's taste buds were sending messages to his brain that had to do with white chili. I was up to the challenge.

The search started. Scouring over recipes looking for the one. I thought I had found it. This white chili was what I ended up making. It was OK. Too many beans, too little chicken for my taste (these two white items were what caused this chili to be considered acceptable in the "white" category). So the rest is in the freezer for another day whenst I may add some extra chicken.

What better to go with chili than corn bread. Again, the scouring ensued. And again, I thought I had found the recipe. My palate was anticipating what I thought was going to be some mouth watering corn bread. Perfect consistency and taste. I was sorely disappointed. Too bland. Not sweet enough and too gritty. But I did enjoy trying out one of Ed's dad's iron skillets and baking the bread in the oven. It did turn out very good, but just wasn't the taste I was looking for. So now I am on the lookout for a good cornbread recipe. One that is 3/4 good for you, possibly 4/4 good for you. :)

It was a good day, all snuggled inside with our family and watching a sport (with commercials that were so/so this year) that I have come to enjoy (with many years of Ed's patience in teaching me about all the rules. Especially moving the chains. That took a loooong time to teach this volleyball/cheerleader high school gal who knew nothing of the sport.) The company sure made up for the so-so food.


anne said...

Well, they sure look good enough!! :)

Anonymous said...

Let me know, Jean, if you want to try another white chicken chili recipe. I got a super one from Kristen L. I use it all the time & we love it!
And I'll check with my mother-in-law from Arkansas to see if she's got a good corn bread recipe. :)

It sure looks like everything looked fabulous!

Jean said...

Please do send it Melissa! I'm always interested in new recipes. :)

Hillary said...

Hmm... a friend of mine has THE best cornbread recipe EVER, though I don't know how healthy it is. What is IS is full of moistness and some veggies (red pepper, broccoli, etc) and chunks of cheese dropped onto the top while baking, that melt down and form little spears of cheesy goodness into the bread. I never liked cornbread till I tried this. Hoo boy.

I'll have to find you the recipe (and me! Now that you've got me thinking of it, I WANT SOME!) hee hee!

Jean said...

Oooo that corn bread sound fantastic Hills! Please do send on the recipe (when you can get it). :)