Wednesday, November 15, 2006

what about you?

1. A God who loves and forgives, no matter how many times I fall flat on my face. Pursues, offers life, breathes sustinance. Lifts me up when I am deep in despair or depression. Is patient in my relationship with Him, in learning how I fit into His ultimate story, and seeking out who He made me to be. Promises to always be there and has been there through dark valleys and sunny peaks. For this I am thankful.

2. A man who puts the twinkle in my eye. Is my best friend. Holds me when life is crashing by so hard and breathing is next to impossible. Accepts me despite my faults. Listens to my heart whether it is crying or laughing. Encourages me to try new things and climb out a bit further on the limbs of life. Takes my hand and doesn't let go through the adventures that are placed before us. For him I am thankful.

3. Two little people who forgive at the drop of a hat. Have smiles that radiate with joy and the youthfulness of life. Are reminders that living CAN be fun. Exude health and are vibrant. Fill our home with laughter, screams, stomping feet and noise. Give hugs full of love. Cause silliness and tears. Bring joy that no other can fill. For these two I am thankful.

4. Friends who listen and nudge. Cause stomach cramps from laughing so very hard. Remind me to be myself and no one else. Are authentic. Encourage spiritual growth and depth. Despite miles of separation, are always a phone call or e-mail away. For all of them I am thankful.

5. Family. A warm home. Music. Sounds of the ocean, birds, leaves rustling. Seasons. Books. A growling stomach as a reminder to eat. Imaginations. Each person's uniqueness. Hard times causing growth. Needs being met. And so much more.

For all of these I am thankful. What about you?


anne said...

It may sound like a cop-out, but I concur. 1 thru 5. They are mine too. :) And you. Though you're #4, but still.

Jean said...

Not a cop out at all. :)
I should have said for #4 cause cramps and tears as that's what happened last Friday..maybe it was all the creme brulee..maybe not. :)

kassi said...

wonderful post...thank you for sharing. :)

anne said...

I'm not sure that it's a good thing that I caused cramps and tears...uh...

Jean said...

it is. always a good sign. shows the stomach has been well worked out. :)