Saturday, November 25, 2006

coming to you...

From balmy Ill.

We made it today to our friends' place around 11 a.m. our time, 10 a.m Ill time. (The road trip was split up into two days). Our friends weren't home, so we sat on their front porch ready to surprise the husband. Within 5 minutes, they pulled in the driveway and he exited the car slack jawed. "Happy Birthday!!" He was absolutely shocked.

We had lunch out and then went to the park. With it being a nice 70 degrees, we took advantage of every moment outside.

Excellent conversations, excellent weather, all around an excellent day.

Tomorrow is church, lunch in St. Louis (another surprise for our friend's 40th birthday weekend) and then heading home. The time here has moved way too quickly.

Bedtime is approaching. Kids have had a hard day playing with their friends. They even tried out the oversized jacuzzi tub in our room (which went better than last night in the hotel pool when Alina drank too much water and threw up all over the pool deck. Her little belly and pool chlorinated water don't mix well).

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!!


Hillary said...

Oh! Poor kiddo!

"Oversised jaccuzi tub" = Hillary is jealous!!!

I am also jealous of your balmy weather. It's snowing here right now. Which for Vancouver, is highly highly unusual, especially before January. Brrrrrr!!!!!

Carbon said...

Wow, busy folks...
I'm with hilary, I am jealous of the weather!

We're REALLY cold here. Like, don't go outside because your face will sear off in 5 minutes cold. Needless to say, we're going stircrazy being indoors. I'm waiting for the weekend where we might finally have a break from it.