Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Week in Weird

So thinking that the New Year was starting out great, our life has been thrown a few wrenches this week. It started with Alina's car seat breaking, which is no big deal, so Ed goes out and buys a new one. When he gets back from lunch, he finds out the news that our work is losing its biggest customer. that's ok right? It wouldn't be that bad if that customer wasn't providing me work. See, I work at home, and have for the past four, almost five years. I work for the same company that my husband does. So losing this customer means I lose my job, which will be done by the end of March/beginning of April. That was Tuesday. Wednesday I woke up with the world spinning. Literally. I've had these dizzy spells over the past week. A day here, a day there. I'd take some IB Profen and it would go away. Not so much Wednesday. I was on the couch the entire day. It worked out where Ed was able to take a long lunch and take Sam to school and pick him up. Thursday, I again woke up with the world spinning, took some more drugs and tried to get on with my day. It started going away, so that was a plus sign as we had praise band practice that night. Ed took our only vehicle in to have it looked at and they ended up keeping it and found a lot of things wrong that weren't what he took it in for. Here the cash register dinging? That's the money being extracted from our pockets every hour they have it. So, Ed's mom was planning on coming up Thursday night through Saturday to watch the kids, and we could use her car. Amazing how that all worked out huh? Lets see....Friday, I woke up again with the spins. Called the doctor (yet another long story) and was able to get in. I couldn't drive, so Ed's mom took Sam to school, me and Alina to go get Ed, Ed took me to the doctor. Doctor says I have vertigo. Gives me drugs that are a bit stronger than dramamine and a prescription for valium (I haven't filled that one yet). Nice drugs. :) They seemed to help a bit, but I was still a bit tipsy. Make me kind of sleepy too. Today I wake up all foggy and dizzy again. Took my drugs and went to bible study (actually Ed took me. Feel like a charity case, but that's totally ok). Came home and slept for three hours. Got the kids up and noticed gunky green stuff in Alina's eye. Sure enough. Pink eye has come to our house. She has been out of the house once this entire week and that was Tuesday. So tomorrow I get to stay home with her while Ed and Sam go to church. All the pharmacy's around here are closed, so we have to wait until tomorrow to pick up her meds. My drugs are fading away and I can't take any again until tomorrow. If it's not gone by next Wednesday, I have to call in so the dr. can call in a CAT scan for my head. It's going to be a great year!! Talk about having everything thrown at you, being tested with my faith and prayer life and it's sure not a walk in the park. Ed has been amazing with being so patient with me and stuff around the house and the kids. Have I said that he's amazing? I guess I did, but he is!! Love him. So that's my past week in a nutshell. Don't know if anyone wanted to know all of that, but I just needed to get it out of me so I can sleep tonight :) Thanks for listening.

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anne said...

so I take it you're not coming in this morning... :)

You're just getting all of the year's frustrations out in the first week. Think of it that way...