Friday, January 20, 2006


Finally went to the doctor. He gave me allegra for the subacute sinusitus, nothing for the pink eye, which is still hanging on five days later, can't remember really what has happened this week, no contacts are allowed, so it's good that I know where I'm driving as I can't read a single thing, and my eyes were crusted shut this morning.


I did get the Christmas tree finally taken down yesterday, I can walk straight, I'm starting to get my appetite back, only one kid as pink eye again, my husband is the world's most amazing man (and tells me I'm hot even when my eye was swollen shut and it looked like I got in a fist fight), and I braved the public this morning and took the kids out for breakfast by myself and they actually ate and we had a lot of fun.


It's the weekend and I'm so thankful for that and we get to go to an adult only white elephant gift exchange tonight. Adults!! I'll have to refresh my brain as to how to interact with people over three feet tall.


anne said...

blah blah blah blah blah

wha whaa wha wah waah waah.

that's adult conversation. Good luck.

Jean said...

thanks a bunch

anne said...

I try. :)