Saturday, October 30, 2010


Time just doesn't stop.

Today reading about a friend entering heaven and being made whole again was hard. Not for her though. She was ready.

And time keeps going.

Thursday holding a friend as she sobbed with sadness and grief because she received the police report from when her 3 year old son tragically died eight months ago. She wasn't ready.

Yet time keeps ticking on.

As one friend said yesterday, "There's no second chances with death. That's it. No do overs. It's just so final."

Makes me realize how short life is. So many times we get second chances. And thirds and fourths. And 100th's.

So what do you do with your second chances? Make the most of them? Brush them aside? Or both?

One day we won't have any do overs left.

Seize the day. Enjoy your kids. Love your spouse. Keep asking God those questions (He doesn't mind). Enjoy life. Talk things out. Don't fear. Hug your friends. Kiss your kids. Savor flavors. Smell a flower. Heighten your senses. Tune in to your emotions. Grow. Give. Love. Learn. Challenge.

We're given a short time on this earth.

Live it authentically.

Live it to it's fullest.

It's the only chance we have to live.


anne said...

I have totally been doing this lately. Trying not to wish any time away even when the kids are driving me insane. Which is more often than not... :)

Valerie said...

Love you, Jinx.