Thursday, March 12, 2009

A "quick" update

So much has happened in the past weeks that a short synopsis is in order.

We've taken some more edventures to another eagle festival, up to the Space Needle, rollerskating, and another trip to Deception Pass.

At the church we attend, you can take classes through a program called the Arts College. People in the church offer to teach a class like chocolate tasting, improv, writing, cooking, music, drawing, etc. Some were free and some cost a small amount (under $10). I signed up (not knowing a soul) for a Thai cooking class and it was phenomenal and so much fun! The instructor (who never taught a cooking class before and was an absolute natural) opened her home for us to meet at. She showed us step by step how to make Pad Thai and we all ate it together. So yummy! Then we each made our own batch right after we finished eating. There was enough for the four of us for dinner plus lunch for three the next day. SO easy!! And from learning how to make Pad Thai, I have a better idea of how to make Pad See Ew (our favorite Thai dish) that hopefully won't end up in the trash like it did the first time.

My parents came on a last minute trip for 9 days to be here to celebrate Alina's b-day.

We added another member to the family named Max. He goes everywhere with Alina.

I decided for Lent to put aside Facebook and you know what? I really don't miss it. I have so much more free time to spend with my husband, kids, and my thoughts. I'm keeping up with my peeps the old school way of communication called e-mail, the old-old school way of using the telephone, and the ancient way called snail mail! My community needs to be so much more than an internet social network (great idea on FB's part, but not very healthy for me at this time in my life). I need faces to talk to, voices to hear and people to hug. Will I go back to it after Lent? Maybe. And maybe not.

The job front has shifted. A job is in the paperwork stages, and is a here and there job, but here and there is so much better than nowhere.

The Boundaries class we were attending has ended and I really miss meeting with the three other women I was in group with. I could very easily take the class again and soak in so much more, but this time around I learned what I needed to for the place my heart was in. Eye opening and freeing changes happened and are still happening thanks to Jesus. He was and is very present.

I read The Shack and going into it was very skeptical. But came out of it pondering and chewing a lot of things that months ago I would quickly dismiss. Great, impacting book.

So much growth happening around here. Physically, spiritually, boundary wise, marriage-wise, of the heart, relationally, and so many sub areas of these. There are still struggles, heart-aches, missing friends and learning taking place too.

Over the next weeks, happenings of more learning, trust, stretching and growth, a trip to MI (YAY!), and placing things into my Savior's hands will be taking place. Great adventures ahead!


Luanne said...

I want to take a chocolate tasing class!!...Except I'm very good at that and don't really need a class for it.

For the record...I miss you on facebook, but excellent choice on the giving up part! It's easy to let it sneak too much of your time!

12-arrows said...

I was brought to tears by the love your parents show to you and your children and by traveling all that way for your daughters birthday. Oh how very special. When we lived in Colorado we missed family so much especially birthdays and holidays. Even though the miles separate you, the connections continue. Rarely do our kids grandparents visit and they each live 2 hours away! Its sad, they are missing so much. Enjoy each special time yours/Eds family comes out! Its a gift to your kids memory banks!

anne said...

You are definitely having some great edventures out there. :) Love seeing the traveling pics too.