Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Orange Day to all!

You better believe I got pinched a lot for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day growing up, but when your Irish blood runs orange, one needs to bear the itchy pincers out there.

Even at an Irish Festival, you really stand out in orange among hundreds of greenery. And yes, you get the frowning eye or two. Thankfully no one pinched any of us. :)

I hope someday to take our kids to Northern Ireland and show them where their Papa grew up. To see the country that is a small part of them. To hear the amazing accents, taste the biscuits and array of crisps, see the hillsides dotted with sheep, and meet cousin upon cousin.

They have been taught young to love scones (and say it the correct, I mean, Irish way), enjoy fish and chips with vinegar (Sam drenches his fries with vinegar any chance he gets), eat salt and vinegar potato chips, and wear orange proudly on St. Patrick's Day. Maybe next we could throw dulse or mutton into the mixture.

So happy corned beef and cabbage day and wear your orange proudly!


Luanne said...

i've never heard of wearing orange on St. Patrick's Day....

Jean said...

:) A lot of people haven't. What a lot of people don't know is that in Ireland, green represents the Catholics and orange represents the Protestants. My dad grew up in the North (N. Ireland) which is more Protestant than the south (Ireland), so it has been passed down to wear orange on St. Patrick's Day.
Another tid bit is that the shamrock represents the Trinity (three leaves, one for the Father, one for the Son and one for the Holy Spirit).


heather said...

Happy St. Patty's day to my Northern Irish sister. I hope Z can see the hillsides of the North coast someday - there's not a more beautiful place in the world... :)

Jean said...

You are absolutely right. It is very breathtakingly beautiful. Happy Patty's day to you too my Emerald Isle sister!