Wednesday, March 18, 2009

7:45 a.m.

Tomorrow starts a new adventure in my life. I will be officially venturing into the working world.

I got the call this afternoon that my teaching services are needed, so tomorrow morning, I report at 7:45 in one of the three 1st grade classrooms.

It has been exactly 10 years since I've been in the classroom. What a young pup I was back then during student teaching! And that makes me feel really old knowing college was 10 years ago.

I think subbing is one of the harder professions. At least the 1st day. You go in blind. You are by yourself. With 20 six and seven year olds. For eight hours.

Can they smell fear at that young of an age? :)

Actually, I'm not nervous at all. Sam said he'd show me the ropes as he's "worked the school for almost a year now".

Holy Hallelujah! I need to pack myself a lunch AND figure out what to wear other than jeans and a sweatshirt!


Ed said...

"I think of all the education that I missed... But then my homework was never quite like this..."

Jean said...

VERY nice. You've been waiting for years to officially use this song haven't you?

anne said...

You'll be amazing! Go get 'em!!

Jean said...

I sure hope so!!

Luanne said...

wow! congratulations :) I will be praying ofr you in 31 minutes exactly! Good luck and have fun :)