Thursday, January 22, 2009

cars, dinosaurs and Enchanted

This conversation took place on the way to get Sam at school yesterday afternoon.

Me: Alina are you buckled?
A: Yes! I've clicked! Why do we have to have car seats?
Me: To keep you safe. When I was little, we didn't have car seats.
A: (eyes big) Did you have cars back then?
Me: (to myself "I'm not THAT old!"). Yes...we had cars back then.
A: Were there dinosaurs when you were little?
Me: (laughing out loud). Um dinosaurs. I'm not that old.

by this time I didn't realize she had her headphones on and immediately after saying there were no dinosaurs around when I was little, I heard at the top of her voice: "Do you pull each others tails? Do you feed each other seeds?".

And today? In the middle of nowhere she asks, "how do you start a conbersbation?" (couldn't quite pronounce 'conversation'...melted my heart!!). Where does she get these questions? I LOVE IT!

Random? Yup. That's my sweet girl. I love, love, love hearing her mind at work and how absorbent it is! It fascinates me how FAST it moves and the questions that are sprouting all the time!! :)

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